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(EG: Westmoorings, Valsayn,
Chaguanas, San Fernando)
Residential Commercial Both
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Residential Commercial Both
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Chaguaramas, The Islands, Carenage, Point Cumana  
Glencoe, Shorelands, Goodwood Park & Ext., Bayshore, Regents Park, Westmoorings North & South, Goodwood Gardens, San Diego, Four Roads, Victoria Gardens, Acton Court  
Blue Range, Diego Martin, Petit Valley, Pearl Gardens, St. Lucien Road, Majuba, Diamond Vale, Crystal Stream, La Estancia, Alyce Glen, Pinewood Gardens  
Cocorite, St. James, Mucurapo, Woodbrook, Newtown, Wrightson Road, Fort George, Fort Dundonald  
St. Clair, Federation Park, Ellerslie Park, Boissiere, Flagstaff, Champs Elysees, Queen’s Park East  
Valleton Avenue, Collens Road, Bergerac, Fairways, La Sieva, Haleland Park, Moka, Morne Coco, Andalucia, Maraval Village, Chaconia, Saddle Road, Long Circular  
City of Port of Spain (Savannah, Charlotte Street, Sea Lots, Cipriani Boulevard, Colville Street)  
St. Ann’s, Cascade, Lady Chancellor  
Belmont, Laventille, Morvant (Eastern Main Road, Beetham)  
Coast line from Maracas Bay to Blanchisseuse, La Fillette, Las Cuevas  


Santa Cruz  
Barataria, El Socorro, Champs Fleurs, San Juan, Aranguez, Croisee, Petit Bourg, Mt. Lambert, Mt. Hope  
St. Joseph  
Maracas Valley  
Curepe, St. Augustine, Valsayn (U.W.I.), Santa Margarita  
Tunapuna, Macoya  
Trincity, Dinsley, Tacarigua, El Dorado  
Piarco, Golden Grove, Arouca, Lopinot  
Brasso Seco Village  
Arima, Tumpuna, Malabar, Cumuto, Santa Rosa, Waller Field, Mausica, D’Abadie  
Centeno, Guanapo, Carapo, San Raphael, Brazil, Talparo, Mundo Nuevo, Four Roads  


Matelot, Grande Riviere, Sans Soui  
Toco, Galera Point, Redhead, Rampanalgas, Balandra, Salybia, Matura  
Valencia, Cumaca  
Sangre Grande, Guaico, Hasnall, Fishing Pond  
Manzanilla, Manzanilla Mayaro Road, Point Radi, St. Joseph, Plaisance, Pierreville, Galeota, Guayaguayare, Mayaro  


Caroni, Piarco, St. Helena Village, Jerningham Junction, Cunupia, Las Lomas  
Chaguanas, Lange Park, Longdenville, Charlieville  
Chase Village, Waterloo, Freeport, Caparo, Calcutta, St. Mary’s, Carapichaima, McBean, Couva, Gran Couva, Preysal, Brasso, Pepper Village, Tabaquite, California, Phoenix Park, Forres Park, Tortuga, Flanagin Town  


Rio Claro, Ecclesville, Navet, Cuche, Charuma, Plum, Mount Harris, Cheeyou, Carmichael, Coryal, Biche  
Claxton Bay, Mayo, Bonne Aventure, St. Margaret’s, Gasparillo, Eckel Village Bonne Tierre, Marabella, Reform, Piparo, Pt. Lisas, Poonah, Whiteland  
San Fernando, Vistabella, St. Joseph Village, Pleasantville, Pointe-a-Pierre, Palmyra  
Palmiste, St. Madeleine, La Romaine, Phillipine, Aripero, Gulf View  
Princes Town, Williamsville, St. Julien, Inverness  
Barrackpore, Monkey Town, Debe, Cipero, St. Croix, Penal, San Francique  
Brasso, Brasso Venado, Brickfield, Unis Fonrose  
Tableland, New Grant, Indian Walk, Third Company & Sixth Company  
Basse Terre, Moruga  
La Brea, Point Fortin, Oropouche, Otaheite, Techier Village, Roussillac  
Fyzabad, Siparia, Palo Seco, Rancho Quemado, Santa Flora, Morne Diablo  
Erin, Los Iros  




Caribbean Islands  
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Location By Click the empty box on the left hand side of each area you would like to include in your search

(EG: Westmoorings, Valsayn,
Chaguanas, San Fernando)
Residential Commercial  Both
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  (EG: RS35319, RR32060, CR29296, CS35645)
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(EG: Westmoorings, Valsayn,
Chaguanas, San Fernando)

Real Estate Dictionary

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Maintenance Charge/Common Area Maintenance (CAM) Charge
The cost of repairing and maintaining external or internal communal parts of a building charged back to the tenants or lessees e.g. insurance, rates, taxes, maintenance of the elevator, pool and gardens.
An amount of money advanced by a lender such as a bank or institution on the security of a property and repayable over a long period.
Mortgage Broker
A company which advises lenders on the types of loans available and which helps to process any subsequent application.
Mortgage Deed
The legal document that confers ownership or title of a property to the mortgagor being a bank or lending institution. Also see Deed of Mortgage.
Mortgage Indemnity Insurance Premium
An up-front, one-off premium paid to the insurance company to protect the lender against the borrower defaulting on the loan. A requirement on any mortgage that exceeds 90% and over of the value of the property.
Mortgage Payment Protection (MPP)
This is an insurance designed to pay your monthly mortgage for a limited period, usually a year if you are unable to work through illness, disability or redundancy.
Mortgage rate
The standard variable interest rate quoted by all mortgage lenders that normally varies in line with the base rate of The Central Bank of Trinidad & Tobago. All discounted rates are based on this mortgage rate.
Mortgage term
The period of time over which a mortgage loan must be repaid.
Mortgage type
This may be a fixed, variable, capped, discount, tracker or another type of mortgage.
The lender of a mortgage (i.e. bank or building society).